Internal Compliant Committee

Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

Internal Complaint committees inside the college exist. All of the institute’s operations should be carried out within a predetermined framework. While institutional management handles employee disciplinary matters, the institute’s disciplinary cell handles student disciplinary and anti-ragging matters in order to foster an environment that is commendable for teaching and learning as well as the necessary functional flows of the university. With the assistance of numerous academic members from all disciplines who serve all course students, a Senior Professor oversees the cell with regard to the student disciplinary functions.

Objectives :

  • To establish a friendly and self-assured atmosphere for recently admitted students by holding regular consultations to address any questions about academics, socializing, and compatibility.
  • Teachers are assigned to keep an eye on what the students are doing. Faculty observes that no student organizations are formed, and if any are, they are broken up to prevent disruptions.
  • To investigate and find the guilty parties after receiving a complaint.
  • The committee sends its findings to the principal for any appropriate disciplinary action based on first-hand knowledge and prime-facie evidence.
  • If the accused is found to be guilty, they will face harsh punishment.
S.No.Name of the FacultyDesignationDepartment
1Dr.B.Ramanuja SrinivasConvenerMech
2Mrs.Rajya LakshmiMemberEEE
3Mrs.Prathibha PraharshaMemberECE
4Mr.P.Ravi KumarMemberMECH
6Mr.Ch.Papa RaoMemberCSE
1SV.Nagarjun ReddyCoordinatorAIML
2L.Naga veera venkatCoordinatorAIDS